Focal Beads For Sale

I find myself often with stashes of focal sized beads. As a beadmaker I wonder sometimes if it's worth the trouble to put one bead for auction. As a jewelry maker I understand that you don't always want to have to buy a large expensive set of beads. So instead of letting these focals collect dust until I have enough for an "orphan" sale, I am going to start putting them up on this website for sale. I would like it to be affordable to just buy the number of beads you need so I am putting all single focals up for $10.00 each and all focal sets that include two matching spacers up for $15.00. Each should be just enough to make a nice pendant or necklace!

Raku Floral Set
$15.00Out of Stock
Pretty In Pink Focal
$10.00Out of Stock
Silvered Focal
$10.00Out of Stock

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